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King Street car wash 'not going anywhere, anytime soon,' owner says

Melissa’s Stop and Wash, off north King Street in Bridgewater. “As it stands right now I do not believe I will be moving any time in the near future,” owner Melissa Mersey said.

BRIDGEWATER - There are no immediate plans to shut down or change locations of a north King Street car wash.

"As it stands right now I do not believe I will be moving any time in the near future. My customers are under the impression that I am moving or closing ... however, this is not the case," Melissa Mersey, the owner of Melissa's Stop and Wash, said in correspondence with and the Lunenburg County Progress Bulletin. "I would like to inform the public and my customers that I am not going anywhere, anytime soon."

Bridgewater recently approved a development deal with Bond Street Capital, headed by Halifax commercial realtor John Renouf. The agreement means the car wash will be replaced with a 400-square-metre, single-storey retail-office building.

Mr. Renouf didn't reply to an e-mail requesting comment for this story but he told the on-line business daily that he wants a commitment from one major tenant before the building goes up.

"Therefore I will not be moving until he has found tenants," Ms Mersey said.

Her business is located near the corner of King Street and Victoria Road, next to the Veterans' Memorial Bridge. The property is assessed at $45,900.

"I have a lease and it is not up until 2016 with the option to renew," she explained, adding that "almost every customer asks me where I'm moving and I just want them all to know that I'll be here for awhile yet."

The development agreement between the town and Bond Street Capital is also subject to the developer conveying a piece of land to the town at no cost to correct an issue with the King Street right-of-way. The town will cover the cost of surveying and legal costs associated with the conveyance.

Given the development's proximity to the LaHave River, Bridgewater wants a riverbank erosion and stability plan from Bond Street Capital before permits can be issued and the development can proceed.

"I have one tenant in mind that would take the majority of the building and they haven't indicated at all to me when they're going to make a decision," quotes Mr. Renouf as saying. "So in the interim, I'm continuing to look for other tenants."

It's anticipated the building will house one or two businesses, he told the news outlet.

No members of the public attended a public participation meeting - as part of Bridgewater's development agreement process - back in May concerning Mr. Renouf's proposal and there were no submissions from the public received by the town about the potential development.

Bridgewater Mayor David Walker has said the new building will be a good addition and looks forward to construction starting and the building taking shape.

- Keith Corcoran,

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