Treasure hunt series on History begins in new year

- Paula Levy, 03 December 2013 in arts

The legend of the Oak Island treasure continues in a five-part series called "The Curse of Oak Island" that will air on the History Channel early in the new year.

Garnette Blankenship made the announcement last week. "The Curse of Oak Island" is a new documentary series on History (USA). The show follows current efforts of two brothers, Rick and Marty Lagina, and their partners to find the legendary treasure of Oak Island. The series will also incorporate historical footage of past searchers as well as dramatic re-creations of infamous events to chronicle the evidence, the mystery and all the lore that have kept people hunting for treasure on Oak Island since 1795.

In an interview, Ms Blankenship said Rick became obsessed with the island when he was 11 years old and has been hooked on the treasure hunt ever since. The brothers had the opportunity to buy part of the island and are now following their dream of searching for the treasure.

Ms Blakenship said over the course of the summer, all of the partners who own the island were on the island working and filming for the series. She said crews drained the swamp and that work will be part of the documentary.

Another camera was also put down borehole 10-X as part of the series. The 10-X was drilled in the 1970s. When a camera was lowered in the hole, it filmed what appeared to be a corner of a treasure chest. Soon after the hole collapsed and has not been reopened.

Ms Blakenship said another exciting part of the series will be an interview of a survivor of the 1965 tragedy. In 1959 Bob Restall and his family began working on the island. While excavating a shaft in 1965, Mr. Restall passed out and fell into the water at the bottom of the shaft. His son attempted to rescue him as did two of the workers. All four apparently were overcome by some sort of gas, passed out and drowned.

Ms Blakenship said the survivor will be speaking for the first time in 48 years.

The first of the series "The Curse of Oak Island" begins on January 5 with Episode 1 and will continue to air once a week until February 2.

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